Raggedy RiRi:  Putting Out Family Fires

Raggedy RiRi: Putting Out Family Fires

Raggedy RiRi:  Putting Out Family Fires

Gaslighting might occur between a teenager and a parent, the parent could consistently dismiss or invalidate the teenager's feelings and experiences. For example, the teenager might express feeling overwhelmed with school and extracurricular activities. Instead of acknowledging these feelings, the parent may respond by saying, "You're just being dramatic. When I was your age, I had much more on my plate and I handled it just fine."

This response undermines the teen's feelings and experiences, making them doubt their own emotions and perceptions and how they are feeling. Yes, we often do try to live out our dreams with our children at the wheel but they are not us.Additionally, if your child brings up instances where they feel mistreated or misunderstood by the parent, the parent might deny such events ever happened or suggest the teen is remembering them wrong.

Statements like, "You're imagining things, that never happened," or "You're too sensitive, I was only joking," are common in such scenarios. This constant denial and trivialization of the teen's perspective can lead to confusion, self-doubt, and a diminished sense of self-worth in the teenager, classic signs of being impacted by gaslighting.

Experiencing gaslighting can lead to a persistent state of self-doubt, accompanied by feelings of confusion, overwhelm, and a diminished sense of self-reliance in decision-making

Other prominent indicators of gaslighting are:

● A persistent inclination to apologize

● A pervasive belief in one's incompetence

● Regular bouts of nervousness, anxiety, or worry

● Eroding self-confidence

● Constant questioning of one's sensitivity

● A sense of disconnection from one's identity, as though one is losing their sense of self.

Have we checked ourselves when it comes to our children? Yes, you are doing the best you can. Your children are not you though and the pressure that you put on them to be the best athlete, mathematician, or debater may not be healthy for them. Remember this is just one scenario for you to consider out of a million. Our space is just to let you know that in some corner of the universe, it exists.

At its core, "raggedy" signifies something that has lived, endured, and survived. It represents the raw, unfiltered essence of life and its many experiences. In an age where perfection is often sought after, "raggedy" stands as a testament to authenticity. Log on to to read other stories in our blog section at www.raggedyriri.us. We are building as we go.

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