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Our Raggedy Tale

Unveiling Raggedy RiRi's Eccentric Charm

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Raggedy RiRi, a Black-owned, family-owned, and female-owned haven where each carefully chosen item becomes a storyteller of uniqueness and eccentricity. Explore our curated collection ranging from vintage treasures to contemporary loves, where every piece invites ...

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Crafting Authentic Connections with Raggedy RiRi

At Raggedy RiRi, our commitment goes beyond products – it's about creating authentic connections. You will soon be able to explore our monthly curated subscription boxes, featuring.  

In our "We Made You Look" section, one-of-a-kind items await, like this hand chosen quilt made of scraps allowing you to ...

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Crafted Narratives

Testaments to History: Stories in Every Item

At Raggedy RiRi, we believe in more than just selling items – we are storytellers. Each piece holds a rich narrative within its being, a testament to history. Join us on a journey of reflection, remembrance, and rejoicing in the enduring in your authentic space.

Embracing Imperfections: Beauty in Uniquenes

Raggedy is more than a label; it's a celebration of uniqueness. Inspired by the beauty in imperfection, we embrace the flawed and incomplete. Join us in appreciating depth, growth, and individuality – because true beauty lies in the imperfect, and that's what makes each piece at Raggedy RiRi uniquely beautiful.

Crafting with Character: Creativity Unleashed

Raggedy is not just a style; it is a canvas for creativity. At Raggedy RiRi, we are not just collecting creative items; we are also unleashing stories from a different perspective. 

Dive into our world, where repurposed, recycled, and reclaimed items transform into beautiful, functional pieces – each one a unique expression of character, resilience, and authenticity. 

We will also have new Raggedy RiRi teddy bears named Buddy for you to buy and or donate to a local agency that deals with displaced children.

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