Raggedy RiRi:  Do Not Over Thank for Something that was Originally Yours

Raggedy RiRi: Do Not Over Thank for Something that was Originally Yours

Raggedy RiRi:  Do Not Over Thank for Something that was Originally Yours

You now have Sundays off. But that was the original deal you made when you took the job. It's important to recognize that expressing gratitude, like saying "thank you so much," should be meaningful and reflect the sincerity of the sentiment. When someone does something for us, especially if it's part of their expected duties or responsibilities, automatically saying "thank you" can sometimes undervalue our own needs or expectations. It can create a dynamic where minimal effort or basic fulfillment of responsibilities is overly appreciated, potentially lowering the standard for what we consider exceptional or noteworthy effort.

In situations where someone is simply doing what they are supposed to do, it might be more appropriate to acknowledge the action without excessive praise. 

For example, phrases like "I appreciate it," or simply acknowledging the action with a nod or smile can be perfect for the situation. These responses show recognition without implying that the person has gone above and beyond because they gave you exactly what you were supposed to have. It's a way of maintaining a balance between being polite and appreciative, while also not setting a precedent that minimal effort is extraordinary. The effort and recognition in both personal and professional relationships are the same. 

You were not supposed to be working on Sunday anyway. When you were given a day off after 12 weeks of working on your days off, it is not necessary to praise someone for doing what they promised to do. They do not care about the sacrifices you are making within your own family and the burden you have to put on others. You owe no one a power surge for you standing within your own grid.  

At its core, "raggedy" signifies something that has lived, endured, and survived. It represents the raw, unfiltered essence of life and its many experiences. In an age where perfection is often sought after, "raggedy" stands as a testament to authenticity. Log on to www.raggedyriri.us to read more in our blog section. We are building as we go.

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