Crafting Authentic Connections with Raggedy RiRi

At Raggedy RiRi, our commitment goes beyond products – it's about creating authentic connections. You will soon be able to explore our monthly curated subscription boxes, featuring.  

In our "We Made You Look" section, one-of-a-kind items await, like this hand chosen quilt made of scraps allowing you to personalize your shopping journey. Through it all, our dedication to providing great customer service ensures your Raggedy RiRi story is met with warmth and understanding. 

Some how we all feel a little put together and made of beautiful scraps to become whole.  

Welcome to a world where endurance meets eccentricity, and every piece carries a tale of resilience and authenticity.

We are giving away 100 Buddy Teddys to adults who needed a friend but did not have the opportunity to have during challenging child experiences. 

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